young people2Welcome to my investor friend.com Whether your a creative, an entrepreneur or a student requiring some sort of endorsement, were here to help. We run an introducer scheme that will send stress on vacation, put a smile back on your face, and have you planning your next holiday. Are you working on a project that seems engaging yet funds are drying out quickly, does every grant application or bursary fund come back denied or rejected? At my investor friend.com were here to introduce you to investors with the busy pockets you may not have, to make your vision come through. Growing up i had many great ideas, yet i realised you need a  source of income to see them come into fruition. I am here on your side acting as an agent. For the fee of £600  we will source out investors for you set up meetings and the rest of the magic is in your capable hands. I act as an independent agent and am linked to some key investors and contacts that will help you source new business and potential clients. This service is a package deal of £600 unlike our competitors once you are on our books we will send you information customised to your specific niche. I am Otatade Okojie an influencer and independent agent.

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